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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks Full

Wow, it's only about 36 hours until our very special day of Thanksgiving, where we publicly celebrate all the wonderful, nice things in our lives. I try to do that in small ways everyday, but the holiday is so much more official. In addition to all the big things like family, friends, good job, good health, good health insurance, a home, 2 pets, adequate food & clothing, pleasant neighbors, and a generally enjoyable life here's a (very) random list of things I'm thankful for:

  • iPod. I love my iPod!

  • TV remote control - I can switch between House and Dancing with the Stars without disturbing the two cats on my lap.

  • My Kitchen Aid mixer - responsible for my reputation as baker of killer brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

  • Q-Tips. Useful for lots of tasks, not just for ears.

  • Rotary fabric cutter. I still have a quilt I cut with scissors and a cardboard template, but that was so primitive. The rotary and ruler, like rules.

  • An car with an automatic transmission. Especially when driving in San Francisco.

  • Fast Track for the bridge tolls. Especially when driving to & from San Francisco.

  • Hot water, bath soap, and deodorant. Makes public gatherings very pleasant. Without those, I would probably be a hermit.

  • Netflix. Absence of those red envelopes can spur minor anxiety attacks.

  • Supermarket grocery carts. Imagine trying to get all the Thanksgiving ingredients without one!

  • Disposable soft contact lenses. I can wear sunglasses, ski goggles, and snorkeling mask, look better, and pretend to not need reading glasses.

  • Black, 100% cotton, stretchy, elastic waist, comfortable sweatpants which are going to come in very handy over the next 5 weeks.

There's an even dozen. Have I forgotten anything important? Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Anonymous said...

private interview from dancing with the Stars Winner!!!
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must see!!!

Noble pig said...

Okay your thankful list is the best I've read. It had me laughing out loud and agreeing with every single one! Happy Thanksgiving.