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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Ballot Box

I'm voting for a woman in November, even if it is considered an irrational, emotional, "female" decision. I'm a caucasian, middle class, college educated Baby Boomer and I've never been given this chance before and might never have the chance again. So, I'm taking it while I can. I know she's ruffled a few feathers here and there but I think she's articulate, educated, hard working and professional, and a master at prioritizing work & family. So what if her husband has had a more visible career so far? She's certainly very accomplished in her own arena and capable of achieving much, much more if given a chance. If she does end up in the White House, we'll be in for an interesting four years. I'm quite sure of that.

And yes, I know her name won't be on the ballot but I'm checking the Democratic box anyway. I want my vote to count. In January, I want to see Michelle Obama standing with her two young daughters on the inauguration podium - proud, beautiful, smart, and black. Theirs will be the faces of hope and change that America presents to the world. I'm voting female.

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