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Sunday, April 13, 2008

MedBlog Ho

Hi, my name is Spynster57 and I have a Medblog addiction. I didn't mean for it to happen. It started very innocently, suggested by my morning commute friend NPR. Some friend. "Go ahead", NPR said, "you might find it interesting and you can always hit the Escape button at any time. It's not like you'll get hooked or anything." Within hours, I was on my first blog. Within days, I had an uncontrolled compulsion to start my own blog. Within a week, I was a goner - hiding my habit from friends and family, losing interest in work and household chores, neglecting my pets, and forgetting to water the garden. Those things were all so PMB - pre-med-blog. Now it's all blog, all the time. The first few visits were fine - to seemingly harmless, interesting sites like Musings of a Dinosaur and Kevin M.D. But I visited every day, sometimes twice a day, just to stay connected and see what they were up to... almost like a stalker, but that's SO not the old me! Discovering the blogrolls was like being handed a rock of crack cocaine - I can't stop, clicking, clicking, clicking, getting deeper into the blog world and pretending like I understand the topics. This weekend I found myself enthralled by a 10 part posting on bowel surgery (oh, the seduction of Surgeon'sblog!) and I realized the extent of the problem. It's not like I know anything about a colon - other than the fact that I have one and that I should be very, very thankful that it actually functions properly! It's not likely that I will ever see a jejunum or duodenum and if I do, I probably won't eat for a week afterward. But that didn't stop me from reading - no way.

I see problems in the future, unless I get this addiction under control. If my employer finds out I'm spending 45 minutes reading medblogs for every 15 minutes of work, it could mean trouble. Then I'll probably start crying on the drive home, get into a car crash on the frightening highway I drive every day. But that means I could be rescued by Ambulance Driver, admitted by EM Physician, cared for by Emergiblog, operated on by Surgeonsblog, turned over to the Happy Hospitalist, and finally released to my own PCP who's a little like Dr. Dino actually. OMG.... I need a psych consult. Can someone please call Dr. Deb?

Cute Ho Story:
Last fall my friend, who operates a commercial nursery with her husband, took her 5 yr. old for the final interview before starting Catholic preschool.
Sister Margaret: "So Maddy, what does your daddy do?"
Maddy; "He works hard all day long."
Sister Margaret: "Yes, and I'll bet your mommy works hard too."
Maddy: "No, she's just a hoer."
True story......


Sid Schwab said...

Yep. Seems like a slow descent into hell, all right. Blog-addiction-wise, that is. But your choices are good.

I note your list of books. I wrote one, too, y'know!

Ness said...


found your blog from your comment at sid schwab, like you i'm a fan of his.

enjoyed reading your blog too :-)

SeaSpray said...

Gteat post! I TOTALLY IS addicting!

Welcome to the land of Blogdom. :)