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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sinning on Sunday

I'm sure there are people who use their extra hour in the fall to be productive or useful. I'm not one of them. I cherish my extra 60 minutes and look forward to it each year. I never set the clock back at night. I do it about 15 minutes after I wake up and then spend the next hour in a state of the easiest deadly sin: sloth!
Here's what I've done so far:

  • Curled up in bed with the two cats, a cup of Lady Grey tea, and a new library book: 25 minutes

  • Added extra time to my morning shower, trying out the Vanilla-Apricot body scrub I got as a gift: 10 minutes

  • Cooked and ate breakfast, SITTING DOWN at the table with another cup of Lady Grey and the newest issue of Cooking Light mag: 15 minutes

  • Logged on to the NY times and read this column and this column: 10 minutes
That's it! 60 minutes of pretty much nothing but it felt so I have to leave, run 4 errands, clean up the garden a bit, and complain when it's dark at 5:30. Happy Autumn Everyone!


James said...

Good for you!

noble pig said...

Yes, it's the only thing that feels free in this world.

Laura said...

I love a "do-nothing" day.

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