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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Country First

Several members of my family have gone beyond patriotic slogans and gestures. They've served in the military and given precious years to their country. This post is for them.

  • My Dad: US Army, WWII, South Pacific

  • My Oldest Brother: Infantry, US Marine Corps., Vietnam

  • My 2nd Brother: US Navy, USS Coral Sea, Vietnam

  • My Oldest Nephew: US Marine Corps, Desert Storm, Kuwait

  • My 2nd Nephew: US Marine Corps, Desert Storm, Kuwait

  • My 2nd Nephew's Wife: US Marine Corps, Desert Storm, Kuwait (romance in the desert!)

  • My 4th Niece's Husband: US Marine Corps Reserve, Iraq

  • My 11th Nephew: Oregon National Guard, Army Reserve, slated for Afghanistan June 2009
    • Thank you soldiers and sailor. Mission Accomplished.

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      noble pig said...

      My father served in the South Pacific WWII as well, thank you Veterans.