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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sticks and Stones

I suspect the title of my blog doesn't make sense to anyone but me. I started posting in April when I became addicted to med-blogs, after listening to an NPR program. In the beginning, I was planning to post about health care issues from a "health care consumer" standpoint and thought the title was quite clever and witty. Now, 4 months and 4 readers later, I find that I'm writing about everything else but health care issues! It's The Dinosaur's fault. His blog advice is: Write Well, Say Something, and Mix It Up. I seem to be Mixing It Up but that means the blog is unfocused and title doesn't apply to anything. Oh well.

This IS the internet. I suppose I could pretend to have a chronic illness and that would give my title credibility. That seems a bit pathetic. And also really bad karma. I'd have to pick a condition which didn't require much research or painful treatments, just in case karma kicked in and actually gave me the disease. Better to not go there. Or, I could stick to writing about health care from an employers'/Human Resource perspective but that sorta puts people to sleep - as I've experienced in communications with my co-workers.

No, better to just Mix It Up and keep the title as is. In a literary way, it might still be pertinent. After all, I am exposing private areas to complete strangers which is what happens when wearing a gown-open-2-the-back. I'm keeping it. Does that make sense?

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James said...

I understood your title :)
Also, which NPR story was it that you heard? Could you email it to me?
james AT jamesloganmd DOT com