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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Half-Baked Alaska

Facts & Figures:
  • Population of Alaska: 670,000 (US Census Bureau)
  • Alaska Racial Diversity: 70% Caucasian, 15% Native Alaskan American, 15% all other races
  • English Speaking Households: 80%
  • # of non-agricultural businesses: 62,000
  • Population of San Francisco Metro Area: 7,200,000
  • Racial Diversity: Huge. More diversity in one first grade classroom than in all of AK.
  • English Speaking Households: See item above
  • # of non-agricultural businesses: I didn't even bother to look it up - more than 62,000
  • Personal income tax in Alaska - does not exist. Only state in U.S.A without it.
  • Sales Tax in Alaska - does not exist.
  • Tax Revenue in Alaska - primary source is petroleum industry. So lucrative, that AK residents actually get tax rebates, rather than paying taxes.
So, we are being asked to elect as Vice President of the United States a new governor of a state which contains less than 1/10th the population of the SF Bay Area, which has little racial diversity, which has no illegal immigration issues, which has a budget surplus based on oil, which is culturally separated from the lower states ... and she was chosen for the simple fact that she is a female.

I'm so incredibly insulted by this action that I just made the first-in-my-life political contribution and I signed up for a Get Out the Vote activity for next Saturday. Trust me, neither of those will be for the McCain/Palin ticket.


noble pig said...

It's always great when people jump into action for what they believe.

James said...

Even though I'm a huge Obama supporter, I think it's cool that McCain chose a woman. But, why couldn't he have chosen one of the many many women in politics who are actually qualified to be president?