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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Viva Las Christmas!

Either the Christmas season or the Las Vegas mob has arrived on my block. I'm not sure which. Three of the younger dads in the neighborhood appear to have an informal "my display is bigger than your display" competition running and the houses are lit from the curbs to the roof tops. Truly, they do resemble miniature Vegas casinos!

There are inflated Santas, snowmen, elves, candy canes, trains, and gift boxes. There are moving, grazing white deer. There are cone shaped trees and icicles and Noels and Merry Christmases. There are hedge covers, lawn stakes, wreaths, garlands, and stars. If Home Depot sells it, it's here!

This will give me an excuse to try the night time feature on my camera. But it's too cold out tonight. I'll try it on Saturday, just in case the guys install a few more features over the weekend.

Sometimes I wonder tho - aren't children getting confused about Christmas images? When I was little, we only had the Nativity scene and Santa. One year Macy's in SF had Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto. That just did not seem right.
Anyway, the season has started. I hope the energy grid in my neighborhood survives the next 4 weeks. : - )0


Dr. Deb said...

I like seeing homes where the "old stuff" is lit up. Nativity scenes, the big colored light bulbs and such.

noble pig said...

That's quite the scene, do they blare Christmas music too!