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Friday, December 12, 2008

Heavenly Posts

I was without my computer for three nights this week, which felt a bit weird. How dependent I've become on my internet hobbies! However, it also gave me time to finally look at the manual for my new digital camera and play around with it. So here are more (better) angel pictures!

NOLA gets featured again - her first shot was not as flattering.

Now you get the full effect of her "do"!

This one is Battenburg lace. Very pristine.

She's a Country Girl - made from patchwork quilt scraps.

Hand painted wood, with lace accent. She looks Russian or Eastern European to me.

A definite favorite. She always hangs front & center on the tree. Painted wood with metal wings & stars.

An Obama girl - her banner says "Vote for Change, 08" Just kidding - it really says "Joy to the World". She's lovely.

Another one of lace - pleated top to bottom this time.

A group shot.

A forest angel - she's painted to look like a birch tree.

Very pretty for something made of string and ribbon.

Serene and old fashioned - she's a bit Edwardian.

Haute Couture of Heaven: thin, rich, and elegant.

OK, there's 12 - one for each of days remaining until Christmas. That's probably enough angels for one site!

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noble pig said...

I still love the first one!