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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Droppin' Shoppin'

I shouldn't be allowed in the stores right now. I took today off from work and drove 35 miles to one of the nicer malls in my area. The goal was to find something festive to wear to the company holiday party, which is this Saturday night. I've known the date of the party for 9 months, but still, it always seems to creep up on me and just like every other year I'm scrambling for an outfit again. Anyway, I had very good intentions.

But after 3.5 hours at the mall I had 2 lipsticks, a miniature Noel pitcher, a holly print tablecloth, spiced cedar foaming bath wash,and 3 pieces of Analon cookware! (These were not gifts either - all for me!) Everything except the lipstick was on sale. According to the store, I saved well over $100.00 on the cookware alone. However, if you noticed, I seem to have been in every department except clothing.

So I took my purchases to the car, stopped for a bite to eat because by then I was starving and then began the clothing search in earnest. Nothing fits right after lunch - I know that. In the end, I bought a cool black & white scoop neck cotton top, on sale for $29.99. But unless I can channel Scarlett and get creative with a tablecloth, I still have nothing to wear Saturday night. Aaarrggggh!

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noble pig said...

Sounds like a bit of procrastination was going on there? Hmmmm....good luck!