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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stop, You're Scaring Me!

Hmmm, I'm trying to decide between two different Halloween costumes this year. My first idea is to dress in heels, with a pencil skirt, colored v-neck sweater blouse with pendant, wear an ear bud and carry a large microphone. I could pop out the door and ask misleading, confusing questions like "When do you think we should bomb Pakistan?" or "My mortgage is a bit high - when can I expect my bailout check to arrive?" Can't guess what that's supposed to be? How about a GOTCHA Journalist!

But the other idea might be better. I need a calculator, laptop & printer, dark trousers, white shirt, and tasteful jacket. And a brand spanking new Lexus - I might have to forgo that prop. I could just paint my house windows instead, "Interest Only Loans! No Credit Checks! No Income Verification! Low Payments! Free Money!" Figured this one out already? Yes, it's a Predatory Lender!

OK, so the kids probably won't be thrilled - but I'll bet the parents will feel like screaming. Hehehehehehehehe!!

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noble pig said...

I love the predatory lender!