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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boo! Hoo Hoo

Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I am SO guilty of blog neglect. I haven't been short on topics. In fact, I've started a list of potential posts, because there's some great material out there right now. But my head has been spinning between the political campaigns, the economy, some problems at work, and life in general. So, I will address a major problem tonight, something which comes up on an annual basis: Halloween Candy!

It might not seem like a major problem. But if you're trying to follow a healthy diet it is! I end up having the same conversation with myself each year: Granola Girl pushes for fruits, veggies, and whole grains while Sugar Baby pulls for chocolate, caramel, and nuts. The conversation goes something like this:

Granola Girl: "Halloween is 2 weeks away. You don't need to buy the candy just yet."

Sugar Baby: "You might as well get it now and save another trip to the store. Besides, what if they run out?"

Granola Girl: "The store is not going to run out - there's a million bags in here!"

Sugar Baby: "Yes, but it'll probably go on sale and everyone in town will be getting their supplies. Remember the time you waited until Oct. 30th and there was nothing left but those weird sour things that nobody wanted?!"

Granola Girl: "OK, I'll buy 4 bags and keep them in the cupboard for 2 weeks. Get the Butterfingers because I don't like those."

Sugar Baby: "Kids don't like Butterfingers. They won't want to come to your house. Get the Milky Ways, Snickers, Kit Kats, and Reeses PB Cups."

Granola Girl: "The candy is going into the cupboard. Do not even get the Halloween basket out."

Sugar Baby: "But it looks so festive and cute. It doesn't mean you have to start eating the candy or anything."

Granola Girl: "Why did we buy 4 bags? Last year only 40 kids came to the door. Guess that means there's a few extra bars here right?"

Sugar Baby: "Maybe I'll just have one while watching Dancing with the Stars."

Granola Girl: "How many of those candy bars did you eat?!"

Sugar Baby: "Three."

Granola Girl: "Then why are there six wrappers on the couch?"

Sugar Baby: "Three of those are from last night."

Granola Girl: "We didn't even HAVE the candy here last night!"

Sugar Baby: "I don't think 4 bags is gonna last until Oct. 31st. You should have bought at least 5."

Granola Girl: "OK, next year we're ignoring the holiday. You have zero self control and I'm tired of enabling your chocolate problem."

Sugar Baby: "Whatever. Here try a Kit Kat."

Granola Girl: "Thanks."

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noble pig said...

Our store always runs out of candy...I say buy it so at least you have the good stuff!