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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wall Street, Main Street, Side Street

In 1973 my favorite college professor told her class of disgruntled 19 year olds "Life is not fair and the sooner you learn that, the sooner you can start thinking and behaving like adults." I don't remember anything else about the class, only her statement. It has stayed with me for 35 years and I've even found myself repeating it to one or another of my nieces or nephews.

But right now, I am complaining bitterly about the unfairness of life. It's not fair that I have paid my mortgages on time for 15 years and am now paying a very heavy price for those who don't/can't pay theirs. It's not fair that people bought houses they can't afford and took out loans they didn't understand and that, due to them, my house has lost over $100,000 in value this year. It's not fair that my 401k dropped 20% in value in 4 hours yesterday and that I will be looking forward to a Tuna Casserole Retirement. It's not fair that the company I work for is being sold and that after working there 20 years I have no guarantee of a job in 2009. It's not fair that I try to stay healthy - eating right, exercising, using moderation, limiting alcohol, chocolate, and delicious fat stuff - but my health insurance premiums keep rising because other people are dreadfully unhealthy. It's not fair that I pay my bills on time, put a little bit in the bank, invest in my retirement fund, do repairs and maintenance, try to be a good neighbor, friend and citizen and in the end - I'm not even on Main Street, I'm on some crummy little side street or run-down, grimy back street.

IT IS SO FREAKIN' UNFAIR I CAN'T STAND IT! So sorry Professor Lutz, but I guess even at 57 I'm not completely an adult.

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noble pig said...

You know I seriously felt myself going down that path a few days ago, sucks doesn't it.