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Monday, September 22, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

I am SO excited! Tomorrow I'm sending myself flowers. On Wednesday, I'll buy a box of See's Nuts & Chews. On Thursday, I'll open a bottle of Roederer Anderson Valley sparkling. On Friday, I'll go out to a favorite restaurant. And on Saturday, I'll have romance movie marathon! Why? Because it's National Singles Week, that's why!! How could I have missed this for the past, err let's just say "several", years? It's a holiday/celebration made just for Spynsters, so let the fun begin!

Actually for me, after the initial shock of abruptly becoming single wore off I was surprised to discover that I kinda liked being on my own. (OK, it took about 5 years to completely realize that but whatever...) Here are some advantages - other than the obvious ones like controlling the remote, eating cereal for dinner, and/or selecting "repeat" for all Patsy Cline songs:

1) Not having to check someone else's schedule when a last minute invitation or opportunity comes up. If I want to go, I can go. Easy and simple.

2) Watching 9 innings of Derek Jeter without having to pretend that I'm watching the game or that I'm a Yankee fan. Those pinstripes are awfully flattering on him tho.

3) Talking ridiculous, embarrasing baby talk to my two fat, lazy, useless, darling little cats. If I'm ever a victim of blackmail it will be because of a hidden tape recorder.

4) Experimenting with tofu recipes, for health reasons, without making someone else actually choke it down for dinner. Hey wait, how is that a benefit to me?

5) Not having in-laws. I know, some in-laws are wonderful, warm, loving people. The last one I had did not qualify. Besides, it's hard enough coping with one's own family - see Butt Ugly post.

OK, five is enough. Happy National Singles Week everyone!


noble pig said...

Good for you! Happy Singles week!

Bowing to no one elses schedule sounds so good!

Laura said...

Can I add one?
Thinking in twos can close the mind, as if the two of you encapsulate the world. As a single, I am more open to seeing and hearing other people's voices.