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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HR: Helpful or Reproachful?

HR Office: Helpful, which means I get to keep my job:
Employee: Our health insurance sucks. I keep having to pay bills and I don't understand the paperwork.
HR: I understand - it's complicated and frustrating. Legally, I should not see your medical records but if you want to bring in the paperwork I can help you organize and double check the statements.
Employee: Brings in a 2" thick folder, with envelopes which have never been opened.

HR Office: Reproachful, a job search imight be in the future.
Employee: Our health insurance sucks.
HR: It's a new policy - did you review the insurance guidebook? Employee: No
HR: Have you set-up your password on the website? Employee: No
HR: Did you confirm that your doctor is in-network? Employee: No
HR: Have you attended any of the brown-bag training sessions? Employee: No
HR: Do you read the e-mails, memos, and employee newsletters? Employee: No
HR: Are you interested in the company wellness program? Employee: No
HR: Have you asked if a generic drug might be appropriate? Employee: No
HR: Have you taken advantage of the mail-in pharmacy program? Employee: No
HR: Are you willing to take any responsibility towards your health care? Employee: No
HR: Are you seeing any pattern here regarding the problem? Employee: No
HR: OK, then bring me your paperwork and I'll see what I can do.


Sid Schwab said...

You don't seem to have comments enabled for the crystal lamp post (probably not wanting to incur Himalayan wrath, I suppose, or rub salt in any wounds) so I'll comment here. From the linked website:

"If the lamp is next to a television or computer monitor, its effect, through its electromagnetic field, of the device is in approximately the 100-160 Hz zone. Our brain waves however, produce only 8 Hz according to the Schuman resonance frequency. Therefore, the body is exposed to up to 20 times higher frequency patterns than it is generally used to. The consequences of this exposure results in nervousness, insomnia and lack of concentration or concentration weaknesses. In addition, there will be an accumulation of more free radicals in the body, known to be a cause of cancer."

So I guess you wouldn't want the lamp near the TV. Or is it the other way around? And I'm having a hard time reconciling it with the Schumann resonance frequency. But maybe that's just me. I think when you turn the thing on, you better have your aluminum hat on. Just in case.

spynster57 said...

Thanks. I fixed the problem and copied your comment to correct post! I'm still doomed - there were video screens playing in the booth behind me.....

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