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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Say Pretty Bird!

Seasons change very subtly in No. California and it's hard to know when to refill the bird feeders. Put them out too soon and the trays fill with rain water. Put out a suet bar during a hot spell like we had last week (102 in May?!) and the plants underneath are coated with Crisco. But I filled my feeders last week and already need more birdseed. As I was making out my Sat. a.m. shopping list I was watching the activity around the feeders and thought "maybe I'll only feed the finches and hummingbirds this year." In other words - let the sparrows, jays, & mockingbirds fend for themselves and only feed the pretty birds.

How wrong is that? Why are pretty people, I mean birds, worth more? Shouldn't the plain, ordinary people, I mean birds, be valued just as much? Why would I only want to attract pretty people, I mean birds, into my backyard? Why didn't I think, "maybe I'll only feed the sparrows and jays this year, instead of the finches?" Oh well, that's all too deep to think about on a nice Sat. a.m. I'm off to the store for finch food, sparrow food, hummingbird food, cat food, plant food, and then sharing some people food with my plain, ordinary, pretty friends!

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