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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Don't Touch That!

I was standing in line at one of our busier drug stores a few days ago, waiting for a (completely unnecessary but required) consult with the pharmacist. Lines at the pharmacy counter are 24/7, so some enterprising drug companies have installed a couple of touch screen displays to keep everyone occupied and informed while they wait. I was closest to the Wellness Topics. And, because of the angle, I could also see the grubby, sticky, smeared residue left from the fingertips of my fellow curious customers. Now, we're all there waiting for drugs - which I assume means some of us are sick, maybe with communicable diseases. Or maybe with just some generally icky condition. Regardless, this doesn't seem like the best place to install a screen which then NEVER GETS CLEANED! It might be a good strategy for repeat business tho. I skipped the Wellness Topics in an effort to stay well.

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