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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm HOT - and that is so not good.

Global warming is a reality in my house. The south facing windows which are so attractive in the winter, flooding the house with light and warmth, are not so attractive during a CA summer. My 1950's house turns into a convection oven and nothing except the return of blessed, cooling nighttime fog reduces the heat inside. Unfortunately, that cooling nightime fog has not been making a regular appearance this year - climate change I guess.

Today I stayed home from work to get estimates for installing central heat and A/C. I don't care anymore about energy conservation or being environmentally correct! I want to turn a thermostat to 68 and blast cold air through the house! Experiencing hot flashes in the middle of the night in a 95 degree bedroom is primitive and it sucks!

So, I got the first estimate from Andrew, a "Heating and Cooling Specialist". The second one came from Bradley, a "Comfort Advisor". Yes, I need a comfort advisor - don't talk to me about btu's or SEER ratings or ducting, condensors, coils, or drain pans. I only want COMFORT!

Unfortunately, Bradley's estimate wasn't very comforting. I might have to stick with the heating and cooling specialist after all.

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