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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Exam by a Hummingbird

Being a conscientous health care "consumer" I recently scheduled my yearly skin check. But my insurance has changed, so I either had to pay out of network rate - ouch - or pick a new doc. After researching the PPO list, I made an appmt., set the alarm, scrubbed up (after all, this new doctor would be seeing my skin for the first time) and drove 20 miles in commute traffic. For, alas, none of our local dermatologist are in the PPO. So, I had a 30 minute drive and a 30 minute wait before my name was called. The nurse took a brief history, said "Gown Open 2 The Back" and left me in an exam room with the ambiance and temperature of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Minus the caribou and oil company engineers - too bad. I could have wrapped my feet in caribou skin and discussed the Bush administration with an engineer or two. As it was, I just watched my skin turn blue and finally huddled up on the exam table with my toes tucked under the thin cotton gown. Maybe that's why those gowns are always blue & white - color coordinated to lips and feet! Finally, the doctor flew in the door - young, petite, energetic, with alabaster skin and awesome suede heels. She looked at my arms, legs, back, scalp, and very briefly at the areas covered by the thin gown. The entire encounter took not more than 6 minutes. But, could that really have been comprehensive? The exams I had before (different doctor) generally took about 20 min. as she carefully examined every blemish, mole, bump, and crevice. What happened yesterday felt more like an exam by a hummingbird! I realized later that the practice specializes in cosmetic treatments, but still? Guess I'll go review the PPO list again. Maybe by next year my local doc will have joined the insurance PPO.

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